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Support TeachOSM with a tax deductible donation

TeachOSM was chartered in 2016 as a project of OpenStreetMap US (OSM US), led by a volunteer steering committee, providing operational support and strategic guidance for the educational outreach mission of OSM US. TeachOSM's purpose is to empower and support educators at all levels to integrate open source mapping and the OpenStreetMap ecosystem of tools in the classroom, but we cannot do this work without your continued support. Your generous tax-deductible donation to OpenStreetMap US will be earmarked for TeachOSM and allows us to hold events, create programs, and cover TeachOSM costs throughout the year.

Thank you for your support!

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Payment Notes:

Payments can be made via check, made out to “OpenStreetMap US” and sent to:

OpenStreetMap US 712 H Street NE Unit #980 Washington DC 20002

Payments can also be made via electronic transfer. Please reach out for bank details.

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